I just miss you

4.18.2012 | 15:04 | 0 comments

I want to wake up next to you, eat breakfast with you, get changed with you, play computer games with you, watching movies with you in bed, hold your hand and watch tv, send you cute texts, buy you gifts, nap together, wear your comfy hoody when i'm cold, look into your eyes, be with you at sunrise and sunset, cook for you, walk in the rain with you, fall asleep whilst on the phone to you, snuggle in bed, mess up your hair, kiss you goodnight! <3

Today and the day after tomorrow

3.21.2012 | 17:20 | 0 comments

Hello ebelibadi, whats up? Hihi so entry saya kali ni berkenaan dgn hari. hmmm today? kay semua org tahu 21 Mac result SPM keluar and sape yg nak ambik tu mesti rasa berdebar kan haha jgn tipu! So siapa yg dapat straight A's? Siapa yg dapat tu congrate lahh eh. yang tak dpat tu jgn kecewa. gagal hari ni bukan bermakna gagal selamanyaa. Hee tahniah tau sape yg dpat A bnyk tu. Jgn jd cm saya, PMR pun ade failed urghh -.-

hmm kakak saya dapat 4A 2B 2C. okay lah tu saya pun tumpang gembira hehe balik balik je skolah saya terus tanya kakak saya dapat berapa result. then bila dgr je A dia bnyak terus aku senyum senyum. haha congrate sistaahhh! lepchiuu <3 hmm so sekarang tgh menunggu hari jumaat nak pergi Fraser Hill. OMG haha byebye!

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Love you with all my heart <3
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